Maching learning v AI
A brief introduction.

Oh oh we’re going into the Matrix

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are thrown about with gay abandon in tech circles but what the heck are we on about. Whats the difference.

Machine learning and AI are simply the ability for computers or software applications that can learn unaided by human interference and in turn take those important steps to reproduce an artifical human. However AI is more specifically the end product or the whole ( the artifical human ) including langage processing, robotics, symbolic logic whilst the machine learning is the individual learning algorithm processes that occur under the hood which give AI self learning knowledge.

Come again and is this the end of humanity ?

Well we are more likely to be topped at the hands of a mortal human (Trump we’re not looking at you) than by the mal adjusted ones and zeroes of a sentintent rogue system. Machine learning and AI are already within the things we use on a day to day basis, Google is heaving with machine learning in their search bar alone, ever wondered how Google knows what your mispelt gibberish actually means? The search engine learns from human mistakes to ensure they deliver better the next time. Facebook’s algorithms are at work even within something as benign as the friends tagging suggestion, this is machine learning facial recognition in its prime.

So just the end of our jobs then ?

At the root of all machine learning is a keen developer/s mathmatical algorithm that allows the machine to learn patterns and relationships between sets of data, Without hard math the machine cannot learn. We’re certainly set to be inundated with machine learning in our everyday life from self driving cars to medical diagnosis to legal interpretation, but progress is progress and dont worry AI and machine learning have a way to go before they attempt successful creative campaigns and brand building.

We’re going in.

We’re very keen to dip our toe into all things new and so we are currently building our own chat bot to help creative teams understand the myriad of tech terms that get thrown about and most likely will be thrown at you. You can start a reasonable conversation and ask any tech question which our bot will endeavor to answer. We’ll be building some learning to understand langauge nuances and hopefully launch our bot end of January 2018!

Tristan Ader
Managing Director
Divert Digital

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