IVAR - Institute for
Voluntary Action Research


Website Technical data

WordPress CMS and Elastic Search application

Responsive website and resource archive system.

1000 + White papers / Films / Research / Publications

Effective elastic granular search for a relevance scoring system.

Modular page builder for total flexible front end web page building with Visual Composer

Total CMS admin control

SSL secure


IVAR a very well respected charitable think tank spearheads the latest information and examination on how small to medium business can directly support the most vulnerable in their local communities, to those that work nationally – across the voluntary, public and funding sectors.

Their resources library was vast but with little opportunity for their target audience to access the content effectively. We created a website that engaged their audience with a multi layered content structure mixing infographics with more detailed analysis. whilst centralising their respurce library with an Elastic search engine supplying granular relevance for effective results.

The project was completed over a 4 month timeframe on budget.

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